Lando Health Wellness & Consultancy

Our Services:


Dating Coach Therapy Specialist


Our goal is to allow you to overcome obstacles leading to stronger and more fulfilling relationships.


This includes:

I. Communication strategies
II. Online dating navigation & coaching
III. Intimacy coaching
IV. Confidence coaching
V. Also: Naturopathic hair growth treatment
- Grey hair reduction
- Nutrition plan


*Naturopathic hair growth treatment: Currently Servicing (Los Angeles + Orange County, CA | Vancouver British Columbia, Canada | Portland, OR | Seattle, WA areas)


Business & Psychology Management Consultancy 


Global consultancy and advisement in organizational leadership, management, and psychology for small, midsized, and large infrastructures.



Sports Coach Therapy Specialist 


Who we service: 


I. For retired and current athletes 
II. Sports: NFL, NHL, UFC, MLB, Olympics, NBA, PGA of America, MLS, Football Club (FC), Nascar, Extreme Sports, Boxing, Tennis 
III. Domestic and international clients/teams


Basis of Sessions (Lenses for Success / Current & Retired Athletes)

- Mental Steadiness 
- Presence 
- The Ability to Shed Failure 
- Focus 
- Ability to Strategize 
- Confidence 
- Drive 
- Trust 
- Ability to connect 
- Contentment
- Transitioning for retiring athletes



Pet Coach Therapy Specialist


Improve pets overall wellness, mood, happiness, behavior



Elder Coach Companion Therapy Specialist


Improve longevity of beloved elders, increase happiness, provide support, strengthen their well being



Global Speaker


On Anti-bullying, Mental Health Awareness, Education, Awareness and Importance of Mental Health in Latino Communities, Self-Empowerment (Worth, Mindset, and Mindfulness)



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